About TopAutoSalesman.com

TopAutoSalesman.com - a Sales Manager's Dream!

TopAutoSalesman is both a website and mobile app which allows your sales team to compete and work harder to become the top salesman any day of the week! Cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, TopAutoSalesman does it all! Our powerful yet simple to use software allows any dealership or sales based firm to create a friendly and fun competition between their sales people by not only showing the current sales for every sales person but also and most importantly, texting every sales person the most recent sale! BOOM! Instantly every sales person will know when a vehicle is sold and who sold it. All this done on any internet connected computer's web browser. Our software can even run on a Television mounted in the showroom or in the Sales Manager office showing real time sales. Also, on our iPhone and Android apps, you can see how your salesmen are doing on the go!

The best part of our proprietary software is that the entire sales staff can see who sold the last vehicle, make,model, time,commission, their photo and total sales of the day, which is updated automatically or manually with a tap/click of a button.  This live technology creates a friendly competition between the sales staff and shows who the TOP AUTO SALESMAN currently is!  The salesman with the most sales per day is moved to the top of the screen, showing the #1 sales guy or  sales gal!

We supply everything, you do not need to purchase any hardware or software!

Our simple setup proces takes only one day and is priced as follows:

1. Setup Fee  - $199 ( one time fee )

2. Monthly Fee - $399 ( First 3 months.  $499 a month there after )

Absolutely no hidden fees or charges. You are billed at the beginning of the month and can discontinue any time.

You agree to our Terms of Service when you sign up.


Setup on any dealership is easy. After you sign up with us, we provide you with usernames/passwords. Then you login to topautosalesman.com, add your employees/photos and other employee information, and PRESTO you are done! Yes, it is that simple. Now sit back and watch your sales staff be motivated immediately knowing who will be the top dog at your dealership! Now when a vehicle is sold, the employee or sales manager can quickly add that sale and everyone will see it immediately!  

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